Klicsports Futsal Open Play

Improve your game - Impact your team

The Futsal Open Play offers weekly games to teams that would like to keep playing futsal continuously. The goal of open play is to organize friendlies on a weekly basis for development and competitive team play. This is ideal for players to get their touches in and for coaches to keep their teams developing. Teams looking for games must first register for games on a weekly basis. A list of available teams will be posted weekly, and you can request to play against any team. There is no limit to the teams you want to play against.  A minimal cost will be charged to cover rental and referees and must be paid at the time of registration and that's it.

Available Teams
2015 Coming v Coming
2014 Coming v Coming
2012 Coming v Coming
2011 Coming v

How it works

If multiple teams in the same age group are available, you can request to play the team; otherwise, we will randomly match teams. If teams are no longer available, you will see a line through and N/A beside the team. You must put the name of the team you are requesting to play against in the registration form. To post your team, list it here.

We will try to keep the cost low, the average cost per team $35 - $55. Covers facility rental and referee total cost will be divided between the teams. No administration cost. Gameplay 2 x22 minutes + 1 minute half time; futsal rules will be enforced.

Futsal Open Play Registration!